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Vera Aesthetics & Wellness was started with the idea that all people in all flavors and seasons of life and health deserve to be pampered. We hope that when you visit, you feel cared for, restored, and beautiful in all ways beyond cosmetic.


Our Story

Sienna and Nicole, by trade, are ICU nurses. They met as critical care colleagues during a heated wave of the COVID-19 pandemic and quickly bonded over their desires to find light in the perpetual darkness that followed them long after clocking out of each shift.

Their acquaintance grew strong roots quickly.

Chatty night shifts, ICU nurse group-therapy, a love for plants, coffee dates, and Vinyasa appointments watered their wilted petals.


And so forth bloomed Vera.

Known for its healing properties and its strong, attractive leaves, the Aloe vera plant was an epiphanous symbol of all that Vera Aesthetics & Wellness is hoped to be.


Meet the Ladies


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